Thursday, July 12, 2012

Workout Blues

Oh it's days like today that I get the workout blues.  I know that during every weight loss/fitness journey you will have ups and downs and even plateaus, let the record show that I HATE PLATEAUS!  Today is one of those days that I just feel blah about this journey and once again feel like I am going to be this size forever.  It's really hard trying to visualize the future me and how I will look because all that I keep seeing is the same size.  Monday, I hit a personal best on the elliptical at 585 calories in 45 minutes, then Tuesday had a killer leg & butt workout.  I'm still having trouble getting up and down out of chairs or bending down to pick something up.  Today, I beat my Monday cardio and was able to burn 632 in 45 minutes.  As much as I should be proud of myself and feeling the results, I just don't.  I usually only weigh myself once every 2 weeks and today I made the mistake of weighing... I gained 1.5lbs!  Yes I know I shouldn't be concerned with the number but I am a woman and what woman isn't effected by that number on the scale?!  I wonder if me weighing myself early is what's making me feel this blah today or am I really going to be this size forever.  If I could stay all day at the gym today, I would, because I need to feel results.  I have even been doing really well with my clean eating and has had an awesome eating week so far.  I'm seriously debating on going back to the gym this afternoon to make sure I feel the soreness that I usually feel the day after a workout.  I do believe Chest & Tri days are my worse and most stubborn areas.

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