Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What motivates people?

As I'm pounding out my 45 minutes of cardio, I can't help but wonder what the people around me are thinking. Are they thinking about chores at home that need to be done? Kids starting school soon? Or are they thinking what I'm thinking "come on! Get to 300 calories"!

When I get in the gym there is nothing else in my head than what I am doing at that moment. There is no one except me to cheer me on and push me through my next set. I don't have to worry about chores or kids, it my mommy time. I get to push everything out of my head and focus at the task in hand. My greatest motivation is not to be skinny minnie, it's to get those calories burned. I have goals I set for myself every time I enter that gym. Push harder, lift heavier, burn more! I see ladies gossiping it up with their girlfriends and think, is this their social hour? Are they not serious about working out? The old men lift a few weighs an then sit around a drink coffee. I don't see anyone in the gym really pushing themselves. This bothers me. Here I am working my butt off and these skinny snobby ladies just trot their way through their workout with no real effort. I begin to question why they are even here. Then I see a larger woman come in and get on the elliptical next to me. She starts pushing through and I can't help but look over to see what level she is on. I secretly cheer for her in my head and want so badly to give her a high five for being focused and push through. Then a younger guy get on the other machine next to me and yes again I look over to see what level he's picked. Part of me wants to say to him "Oh come on!!! I'm 5 levels up from you, add another 2"! I don't know why I feel the need to cheer and push these people on, and then it hits me that maybe that's what I need. The few times that my friend and I get a chance to workout, I push and cheer her on like I would like someone to do or me. As I finish my 45 minutes of cardio and get off the machine, I see my calories burned and think, I can do better than that. Instead of jumping back on, I continue to the weights. I check my stats from last week and decide, it's time to up it! Push harder, lift heavier, burn more!!! I test the weight out and realize, I can go heavier, and as I near the end of my reps I know this is a good workout. I'm struggling to push that last rep, and in my head I'm telling myself "I can & I will"! I finish my workout with a smile on my face and sweat rolling down my body. It's then I realize it's about me in this gym. Who cares about the skinny snobby ladies that talk on their phones or the old men that drink coffee. What matters is how I push myself.

As I walk into the daycare center and see my girls running to me and calling for mommy, it hits me, THEY are my motivation. They are the ones that push me every day. They wake up at 6:15 on the dot and you better believe they are running in our room to wake us up. As soon as I get them fed, they are immediately asking to go to the gym. They never tell me No they don't want to go, they beg to go. As we drive to the gym, they are in the backseat dancing and in great spirits. When we round that corner and they see the colorful exterior they start chanting "Gym Gym Gym"!!! Yep, it's them that motivate me and push me to be my best every day.

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