Saturday, July 2, 2011

No I'm not buying what your selling

Don't you just love it when salemen come door to door trying to sell something for free.  We have had several guys come to our door wanting to put an ADT sign or another security sign in our front yard to advertise for them and in return they will install a system for free.  NO THANK YOU!  I think we have a great security system in place.  It's called Hand gun or Shot gun!  I'll even let you choose which one you want me to use.  Not only is The Hubs a great am I!!  I had to tell this guy today 5 times that NO I don't want it, while my two daughters were screaming at the front door.  He wanted to stand there and chit chat with me about "what's holding me back from a FREE system"....really dude!  Can you tell I'm a little busy?  And No you can't talk to my husband because he will tell you the same thing. 


  1. Don't you just LOVE that...NOT!!! I've gotten to where I tell them "NO" and if they proceed to stand there and talk...I just shut my wooden door, lock it and walk away. I need one of those "NO SOLICITING" signs like my Dad had on our door when I was little. :)

  2. that's a good idea Angie! I might have to get one of those signs.