Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some things I just don't understand...

I'll be the first person to speak up and say "I just don't understand' so today's blog has no exceptions.  I've had a few days to think about this blog and I think with the outcome of the Casey Anthony trial, I'm ready to share my ramblings.

SINKHOLES!!  I just don't understand how they happen.  I'm actually kinda terrified at the thought of the world really opening up and swallowing me whole!  It's not like a hurricane or tornado where you get days or at least 15 seconds of warning...nope...it just decides to happen and you can't prevent it, or run away from it.  You are screwed!!

PEOPLE SLOWING DOWN ON ENTRANCE RAMPS!!  Ok so if you are trying to get on the highway with people going 70+mph WHY would you slow down and even STOP on the entrance ramp?  Do you want to die?  Where do people learn to drive now-a-days?...Shady Pines retirement home??

BAD PARKING!!  Really and truly, how hard is it to park your car between two straight lines?  And just because you are pulling a trailer, boat, RV, Etc... does not mean you get to take up 4 parking spaces at the front of the parking lot.  The nice and courteous thing to do, would be to park waaaaaaay at the back of the parking lot.  

GROCERY STORES THAT DON'T HAVE DOUBLE SEATED BUGGIES!!  Most families these days have 2 or more kids and at very close ages.  So why haven't the buggies been updated a little?  I know H-E-B and Sam's have the double seated buggies and to those stores I am forever grateful!  As far as the other big well known stores, i.e. WAL-MART!  TARGET!...why do you not have double seated buggies? 

OPINIONS & BUTTHOLES!!  Everyone has them so why do so many people get mad or upset because you have voiced your opinion?  No one said you had to agree.  If you ask someone for their opinion or advice, don't get mad when it's not what you would have said.  And if you really don't want to take their opinion/advice into consideration...Don't ask for it!

And lastly...CASEY ANTHONY... even though there was not enough evidence to pin you to the death of your own child, YOU will have your real judgment day.  I will never understand how people can take the life from an innocent child.  Even if it was an "accident" she still help cover it up, didn't even report her child missing for THIRTY-ONE days, and was out partying like a rock-star.  Does that sound like a mother mourning or even missing her child. 

I just don't understand it!  

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