Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Remind Me

Recently I heard the song "Remind Me" By Brand Paisley, and even though I have heard it before, this time I really listened to the words of the song.  WOW what an amazing song.  That got me thinking about my relationship...When was the last time we really kissed each other.  I'm not talking about the little kisses goodbye, or the kisses good morning.  When you start dating someone, you basically can't keep your hands off of one another.  We all have busy lives and not enough hours in the day, but how did we have time for so much passion in the beginning?  I know that everyone has something that takes up most of their day whether it be work, kids, or both.  Listening to these "love songs" makes me realize that we don't make time for one another like we use to.  I am sure most married people are in the same boat.  So how do you make Love and Passion last?  I have heard of scheduling "mommy & daddy date night" but most of that time is spent talking about work and kids.  Shouldn't we still be learning new things about one another?  

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