Thursday, July 28, 2011


"Look at the world like you're looking through a camera lens and you'll see everything in a whole new perspective"
I will admit that I jumped into photography.  YES! I loved taking pictures and you wouldn't catch me without a camera.  It all started back in 2007 with a few friends that allowed me to try and photograph them.  I used a little Nikon point and shoot camera and a program off the Internet (I think it was Photobucket!)  Of course I didn't charge my friends for the first year or so, because I was still trying to figure things out and decide what DSLR camera I needed, or even if "photography" was my thing.  I really just looked at it as a hobby and nothing more. 
So let's start off with my very first "Hey Girl I got an idea that I want to try out, will you be my model" session...
 So as you can see, this picture is all kinds of bad, except for my beautiful model!  She is such a good sport.  I love the fact that I even put a watermark on the picture...LOL!  
Now that I have gotten a DSLR, couple lenses, backdrops, lighting, and a few dozen (ok maybe a little more) session under my belt, I can actually look back at the first couple sessions and laugh at how bad I was.  
Here is my beautiful model's new session that I did a couple weeks ago...
MUCH better if I say so myself!!  And yes, I did watermark this picture as!  
With all that being said, I know that everyone has to start off somewhere.  You start at the bottom and work your way up.  I by NO MEANS consider myself a pro but I am somewhere in the middle.  I am constantly learning new techniques with my camera, and I upgraded to an actual photo editing program *two thumbs up.* 
What irritates the fire out of me, are these people that put a camera in their hand for the very first time and consider themselves a photographer and start charging people.  In the past month or two, I have had 7... SEVEN... different fauxtographers contact me and ask questions about "How do I program my camera?" and other basic camera questions.  Then they get their friends to ask me how much I charge for certain sessions so they can compete with me.  REALLY people?!?!  That's just rude!!  If you want to know the basic functions of your camera, then do your research.  Call me a bitch, but I took the time and effort to do my research and learn everything myself, that I'm not going to just hand you the information.  
My word of advice... Do your research!  Take a course!  And DON'T CHARGE people when you don't even know lighting & composition.  I feel soooo bad for your "clients" because that is their hard earned money and they are getting ripped off.  

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